Learn More About – Savana Clifton

Tell us a little bit about your background. (Where did you go to school, where are you from, etc.
Originally born in Mobile, Alabama, then moved to Tennessee and lived there for about 3 years. Then moved to Ohio and lived there for about 6 years, and finally moved down to Bradenton and have been living down here for about 15 years.
What does a day in your life look like on the job? 
Answering calls & giving clients to Agent on policy. Handling all mail that comes in and out of the office. Scanning all mail to agents when needed, and in charge of ordering all office supplies to keep the office fully stocked.
What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?
In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, and reading.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Be true to yourself.
What’s the last song you listened to?
“Dangerous” – Morgan Wallen
Where is your favorite spot to take visitors in Manatee County?
Anna Maria Island
If I were a superhero, my superpower would be…