Is Your Home Safe?

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to take the time to routinely address potential safety risks on your property. After all, even seemingly minor household issues—such as stray cords, dust buildup or leaky faucets—can spiral into significant problems if left unnoticed. By conducting an annual home safety audit, you can help keep your property safe and secure—reducing the risk of household injuries, property damage, and costly insurance claims.

To get started, consider the topics on this checklist…


Emergency Preparedness Considerations
  • Check Household Smoke Alarms
  • Check Household Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Establish a Fire Emergency Escape Plan

  • Home Fire Extinguishers

  • Ensure Proper Locks on All Windows & Doors

  • Make sure that your house number is clearly displayed and visible from the outside. 

  • Create a Home Emergency Kit

  • Consider installing a fire escape ladder

Indoor Safety Considerations
  • Inspect All Electrical Outlets & Wires

  • Inspect All Major Household Features

  • Clean Your HVAC System

  • Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

  • Inspect Your Plumbing System

  • Check All Windows, Screens & Doors

  • Inspect Your Property’s Walls & Ceilings

  • Check Your Home for Signs of Pests

  • Clean Dryer Vent

  • Deep Clean All Surfaces & Appliances

  • Check Kitchen & Bathroom Drains & Pipes

  • Inspect & Clean Chimney

Outdoor Safety Considerations
  • Clean Your Gutters, Pipes, & Exterior Vents

  • Inspect Your Roof

  • Trim Any Tree Branches Located Near Your Home’s Roof

  • Make Sure All Fencing is Sturdy & in Good Condition

  • Check Your Home’s Foundation

  • Install Exterior Lighting

  • Maintain Any Outdoor Play Equipment

  • Inspect All Outdoor Furniture, Toys, Tools, & Appliances for Safety Concerns.

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