Keeping Your Heart Healthy

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Keeping Your Heart Healthy February is American Heart Month, and raising awareness for heart disease and adjacent cardiovascular complications is more important than ever. It's no secret that heart health is incredibly important for overall wellbeing. From lowering your risk for heart attack and stroke to reducing the likelihood of developing diabetes or high [...]

Fitch Predicts Rate Increases for Property CAT Reinsurance in 2023

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Fitch Predicts Double-digit Rate Increases for Property CAT Reinsurance in 2023 Part of our mission here at Boyd is to make certain our clients and community are kept appraised of the trends in the insurance world. Currently, firms across the country are predicting a significant shift as we move into the new year: increased [...]

About Our Team: Reeves Rogers

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Learn More About – Reeves RogersMr. Rogers graduated from Stetson University and spent 2 years at Furman. His areas of focus entail Commercial Real Estate, Trade Contractors, and Construction/Development Property & Casualty Insurance. Reeves is responsible for customer risk & exposure analysis, advice on asset & business protection, and securing competitively-priced insurance policies. He [...]

Protecting Against Online Fraud

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Protecting Against Online Fraud While computers have improved the speed and efficiency of how we work, they have also allowed thieves and con artists an easier avenue by which to steal from people and businesses. One of the ways these cyber criminals use computers to steal is through online fraud, one of the fastest-growing [...]

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian

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As the greater SWFL region recovers from the damage brought by Hurricane Ian, it's important to remember that Hurricane Season is still in full effect - lasting through November 30 each year. Floridians know this much to be true: after a big storm, the best time to restock your supplies is now. Even if [...]



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