Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up the house and shake off those winter blues. But, in addition to making the house feel refreshed by giving it a good once over, there [...]

Spring Safe Driving Tips

Spring Safe Driving Tips As flowers bloom, drivers often think the worst of their driving worries have melted away, but spring driving comes with its own unique set of risks. Heavy spring showers, potholes, [...]

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Keeping Your Heart Healthy February is American Heart Month, and raising awareness for heart disease and adjacent cardiovascular complications is more important than ever. It's no secret that heart health is incredibly important for [...]

About Our Team: Reeves Rogers

Learn More About – Reeves RogersMr. Rogers graduated from Stetson University and spent 2 years at Furman. His areas of focus entail Commercial Real Estate, Trade Contractors, and Construction/Development Property & Casualty Insurance. Reeves [...]

Protecting Against Online Fraud

Protecting Against Online Fraud While computers have improved the speed and efficiency of how we work, they have also allowed thieves and con artists an easier avenue by which to steal from people and [...]

What We’re Thankful For…

This Thanksgiving, we here at Boyd Insurance & Investments have so much to be thankful for; from our amazing team & all the new additions, to the growth we’ve achieved this year, and the [...]

Family Recipes

This holiday season, the Boyd team is embracing the spirit of giving. Are you in need of a delicious dish to mix up your holiday gatherings? Read on for some prized family recipes, shared [...]

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian

As the greater SWFL region recovers from the damage brought by Hurricane Ian, it's important to remember that Hurricane Season is still in full effect - lasting through November 30 each year. Floridians know [...]

  • picture of a first aid kit, a battery-powered lantern, water bottles, and canned foods

Refresh Your Hurricane Kit

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, it’s an important reminder that NOW is the time to refresh and restock your home Hurricane Kit for when disaster strikes. Here are some basic items your hurricane [...]

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Manatee Chamber of Commerce: October Coffee Club

Save the date! We are thrilled to be hosting this month's Manatee Chamber of Commerce Coffee Club – right here at our Downtown Bradenton office! Join us for coffee, breakfast bites, and all the incredible [...]

Investment Services Team

Meet the Investment Services TeamLed by Nicholas Zec, Jr., LUTCF, CFS, our experienced Investment Services Team is able to help people and businesses protect their financial wellbeing. Boyd Insurance & [...]

Financial Planning Assistance

Financial Planning Assistance Many people struggle with financial planning. Surveys reveal that as many as two-thirds of employees admit that worrying about their personal financial situations negatively affects their [...]

The Ideal Open Enrollment Timeline

The Ideal Open Enrollment Timeline The most successful open enrollment campaigns start engaging employees months before enrollment begins. That means organizations should review their offerings sooner rather than later [...]

How To Stay Safe During a Power Outage

You can’t control the weather—but you can take safety measures to protect your family and home against the threat and hazards of power outages. If severe weather hits unexpectedly, power [...]

Dedication of Wilbur Boyd Blvd.

Boyd Insurance CEO Jim Boyd, Suzan Boyd, and the Honorable Gilbert Smith As a third-generation family-owned business, Boyd Insurance & Investments is immensely proud of our company's legacy within the Manatee County community. [...]

Boyd Team 2022 Summer Vacations

To celebrate the summer, we asked some of our team members to share their travel adventures! Our team works so hard all year long, and it's really important to our company that the staff [...]

Advanced Planning for Hurricanes

Of all businesses that close down following a disaster, more than 25 percent never open their doors again. While there’s no way to lower the risk of a natural disaster from hurricanes, there are [...]

What We LOVE This Month

Here at Boyd Insurance & Investments, we love our amazing team, all of the new additions, growth and success we've had over the years. To celebrate the month of love, we asked some of [...]

Know Your Insurance: Auto

Diminishing Deductibles A diminishing deductible, frequently referred to as a “vanishing” or “disappearing” deductible, is additional coverage that rewards you for being a safe driver. Some auto insurances may decrease your deductible over time [...]

To Bundle, or Not to Bundle

Know Your Insurance If you’ve ever shopped around for insurance, you’ve likely been asked if you want to bundle your policies—in other words, combine your home or renters, auto and life insurance policies with [...]

What We’re Thankful For…

Here at Boyd Insurance & Investments, we are so thankful for our amazing team, all of the new additions, growth and success we've had over the year. And this holiday season, we asked some [...]

Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

It’s no secret that cyber-attacks and data breaches have become increasingly common over the past few years. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches increased 40 percent in 2016, with a total [...]

Cyber Security: What You Need To Know

Businesses, both large and small, are increasingly reliant on the internet for daily operations, creating attractive and potentially lucrative targets for cybercriminals. With such heavy use of and reliance on computers and the internet by [...]

Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

While preparing your Thanksgiving turkey in a turkey fryer can be a timeless tradition, it’s important to keep cooking safety measures in mind to protect yourself, your guests, and your home. After all, the [...]

Homeowners Insurance Policy Questions & Answers

The best time to learn about what’s included in a basic homeowners insurance policy is before you have a claim. We’ve gathered the answers to the most common “Am I covered if...” questions about [...]

Common Auto Insurance Policy Questions

Q: If a friend drives my car, is he or she covered by my policy? A: Since most insurance coverage is connected directly to the car, if someone else borrows your car occasionally, he [...]

Insurance Considerations: Newlyweds

Insurance Considerations for Newlyweds Choosing insurance may not be as romantic as deciding where to go on your honeymoon, but it is one of the most important things you can do as newlyweds. [...]

Life Insurance Terms: The Basics

Understanding Life Insurance Terms Like many industries, the world of insurance has its own unique set of vocabulary to describe its products. To help you understand the information included in a life insurance policy, [...]

Top 10 Ways to Save For Retirement

10 Ways to Save for Retirement 1. Know Your Retirement Needs - Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that you’ll need about 70% of your pre-retirement income (90% or more for lower earners) [...]

Named Storm Deductibles

Named Storm Deductibles The heavy rainfall, high winds and storm surges associated with hurricanes and other intense storms can devastate any home, even those located hundreds of miles off of a coast. And, [...]

Car Insurance Premium Factors

What Factors Affect Car Insurance Premiums? If you’ve ever wondered why your auto insurance premium differs from what your family and friends pay, it’s because auto insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all. Factors like [...]

Know Your Insurance: Storm Damage

If a Tree Falls Who Pays? Every year, storms are responsible for felling countless trees and limbs. Unfortunately, some of those fallen trees damage homes and other property. Cleaning up the damage from [...]

The Value of Benefits for Employers

The Value of Benefits for Employers Remaining competitive in the hunt for the right job candidates who will propel your business to success is a struggle. Once you find the people you need, [...]

How to Invest in Your Future Pre-Tax

Did you know? Retirement is expensive, plain and simple. Experts estimate that you will need 70% of your pre-retirement income (90% or more for low-income earners) to maintain your standard of living when [...]

Prioritize Saving for Retirement

Prioritize Saving for Retirement Today Financial experts estimate that you will need about 70% of your current annual income to live comfortably during retirement. For low-income earners, you may need 90% or more [...]

Tips for Insuring Your Condominium

Buying a condo? We can help! Buying a condo is a complicated process, especially when it comes to obtaining the proper insurance. Florida is different than many other states, which can be especially [...]

Know Your Insurance: Auto Coverages

6 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage If someone were to ask you what was covered under your auto insurance policy, would you be able to tell them? Like most of us, you would [...]

Know Your Renter’s Insurance Needs

Calculating Your Renters Insurance Needs Unexpected events like theft, vandalism or fires can wreak havoc on your personal belongings and cost you a fortune. Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your belongings [...]

Live Well & Work Well in 2021

5 Ways to Start Your Year Off Right Like many other people, you may be thinking about what you would like to accomplish in 2021 or what life changes you could make. Common [...]

Buying Your Retirement

Most of us know it is smart to save money for those big-ticket items we really want to buy, such as a new television, car or home. But you may not realize that probably [...]

Tips to Ensure Your Home Properly Covered

With ever-fluctuating home values, are you confident your homeowners insurance policy limits are enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home, should the unexpected happen? The cost of rebuilding your house may be [...]

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Decorate Safely During The Holidays As the holiday season gets into full swing, many families decorate to spread some cheer and make their homes more festive. While holiday decorations can be fun and [...]

Holiday Budgeting Tips

Holiday Stress: Sticking To Your Budget The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and money is one of the leading causes of holiday anxiety for Americans. The best time for holiday [...]

End of Year Insurance Checklist 

As we turn the page to a new calendar year, it's a great time to take inventory, reflect on the past, and make plans for future goals. You might be caught up in all of [...]

Preventing Cyberattacks on Remote Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has solidified remote work as a new operational standard. Employers should expect this trend to only grow in the future. In fact, many major companies, such as Twitter and Microsoft, have [...]

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

When it comes to running a business, vehicles — whether they're leased, rented, or owned — are crucial for a variety of tasks. Whether transporting materials and tools to worksites, hauling goods for deliveries, [...]

7 Insurance Policies for Small Businesses

With so many different types of insurance to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine what type is best for your small business. Boyd Insurance & Investment Services is here to help explain [...]

Fire Prevention Tips 2021

Most home fires occur in the kitchen while cooking and are the leading cause of injuries from fire. Common causes of fires at night are carelessly discarded cigarettes, sparks from fireplaces without spark screens [...]

8 Common Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance can be complex and difficult to understand. With all the information available to policyholders, it can be challenging to decipher the facts from myths. Knowing what’s covered under your auto policy and [...]

FL Hurricane Season Safety Tips

From June through November, hurricanes are at their peak. During a hurricane, heavy rains and catastrophic winds barrel through coastal areas and can severely damage or destroy homes and businesses. To help you plan [...]

Road Trip Safety Tips

While summer trips may look a little different this year, a classic summer road trip might be just the solution! Experience the beauty that nature has to offer while still social distancing away from [...]

How to Avoid Underinsuring Your Home

Your home is one of your greatest assets and a significant long-term investment. As such, it’s vital to protect your home and its contents with adequate homeowners insurance. However, recent research found that many [...]

5 Reasons Millennials Need Life Insurance

Yes, we're talking to you... If you’re a millennial, you’re probably thinking “Why do I need life insurance? That’s something I shouldn’t have to worry about now.” The truth is, no one likes [...]

Auto Insurance: Rental Cars

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars? When renting a car, the rental company will typically ask if you’d like to purchase insurance coverage for the vehicle. It’s at this point when you [...]

Annual Home Safety Checklist

Is Your Home Safe? As a homeowner, it’s crucial to take the time to routinely address potential safety risks on your property. After all, even seemingly minor household issues—such as stray cords, dust [...]

What You Should Know: CARES Act

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) In response to the American economy reeling from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the federal government recently signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and [...]

5 Ways to Plan for Your Financial Future

Now is a good time to begin thinking about your annual financial plan. If you have already started to plan,  then you deserve a *virtual high five* from us! If you haven’t started, don’t worry [...]

Life Insurance Basics

Life Insurance Basics Here’s what you actually need to know…  The purpose of any insurance is to provide you with financial protection. If someone relies on your income for support, how will [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

Cyber security threats and trends can change from year to year as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. It’s critical for organizations to review their data protection practices regularly to help protect [...]

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto Insurance Basics Here’s what you actually need to know…  When you’re driving, anything can happen in a split-second. Auto insurance is there to help protect you, your passengers, and other parties [...]

4 Types of Insurance for College Students

Insurance to Protect Your College Student It’s that time of year again! Students around the country are getting ready to head to school. Whether your child is heading off to college for [...]

Commercial Insurance: Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be an exciting venture, but one that comes with specific risks other industries may not need to consider, many of which are out of your control. It’s important to [...]

Invesments 101

Invest in Yourself Reasons to Start Investing Today Calling all 20-somethings -- maybe you keep telling yourself you’ll invest when you make more money.  Maybe you keep saying you’ll get around to [...]

Homeowners Insurance Basics

Why is Homeowners Insurance important? Your home is more than just a roof over your head.  Chances are, it’s your most valuable investment. Before you sign papers for that new home, you’ll [...]

National Small Business Day

If you’re a small business owner and May 10th isn’t circled on your calendar, it should be — it’s National Small Business Day! It’s a day celebrating the value that small, locally owned businesses [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, and for most of us, that means a good, thorough deep clean of the house.  Checking off these tasks while you’re cleaning can help to prevent costly insurance [...]

Insurance 101: The Basics

We're Here to Help As you experience changing events in your life or take on greater responsibilities, you may find yourself needing different kinds of insurance such as health, home, automobile, and [...]

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