This Thanksgiving, we here at Boyd Insurance & Investments have so much to be thankful for; from our amazing team & all the new additions, to the growth we’ve achieved this year, and the ways in which we’ve been able to reach our community. We asked our staff to share with us some of the things they were grateful for. Read on to hear from them…

“This year I’m thankful for joining this amazing family that we have at Boyd & being presented with an opportunity to support our community.”

Bixby Hartley, Commercial Insurance Advisor

“My Thanksgiving Blessings are many in that I have been so fortunate in this last year. My two boys, Daniel and Mark, are my heart and soul. They are very different, but are cherished just the same. My job here at Boyd is a bright light in that I enjoy going into work every day. My boyfriend, Fritz, and my friends are always making me smile and laugh. Life can be challenging, but I am lucky mine is full of love and joy! I wish everyone the gifts of love and friendship this Thanksgiving and all year long.”

Sue Rocco, Personal Account Manager

“I am blessed with a beautiful family, many friends, and with a wonderful work family at Boyd.
I’m truly grateful for the journeys that my life has given me and look forward to many more.”

Meg Gee, Commercial Account Manager

“I am thankful for my family, friends, for having a job that I really like, and for all the fun times that I have had this year.”

Ana Temple, Commercial Account Manager

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